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Smart Twin LNC XT, Oxid Edition, 0.1dB

Smart Twin LNC XT, Oxid Edition, 0.1dB
Universal Oxid Twin LNB XT

smart Oxid Edition

The smart Universal LNB on the OXID series are high quality products that are precisely manufactured with selected components. In the OXID LNB latest technology is used, ensure the longevity and consistent quality of reception. Of course, the OXID series is suitable for HDTV.

- Feed diameter: 40 mm
- HDTV ready
- Power consumption: 110 mA
- Connector type: F-connector
- Weatherproof enclosure
- Connectors for 2 receivers
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4 x Smart mini switch SUS44
7 x Interface Kit for CASIO Organizer
5 x Edision Twin LNB
10 x Ballistical Chronograph HSCron with radar sensor HSRad+USB
9 x Ballistical Chronograph HSCron with Sensor R180+Bluetooth
3 x Edision ARGUS VIP silver
7 x Edision 80cm dish, ALU, grey
2 x Smart NVS510 Five Wire Launch Amplifier
8 x Edision Argus VIP3 DVB-S twin black
10 x Edision ALU dish 85cm white
6 x 60cm Dish ALU, gray, bulk
4 x EDISION multi switch 5/16
2 x Split band amplifier SVD 3030
5 x HS-Cron Input panel Assembly Kit
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1 x Smart Quad MonoBlock TMQ6
6 x 
5 x Edision Unicable LNC 4/1
8 x 80cm Dish, ALU, gray, bulk
8 x 40cm Dish, steel, gray
10 x HD+ module incl. smartcard for 12 monthsnths
5 x HSCron radar sensor HSRad
12 x Edision Progressiv HDc Nano case in yellow
7 x Edision LNC QSL-6, quad switch
5 x Edision ARGUS VIP black
9 x 
5 x 60cm Dish ALU, anthracite, bulk
6 x Selfsat flat dish H30-D1
4 x Smartmeter T10 DVB-T tester
6 x Edision Progressiv HDc Nano case in green
12 x Edision Progressiv HDc Nano case in white
2 x Smart Unicable DPA989
12 x Edision Sat Cable per meter
10 x 80cm Dish, steel, gray, bulk
3 x Calculation for repair of fully automated coffee machines II
2 x 60cm Dish, steel, gray
4 x Dreambox DM 600s schwarz
9 x Smart Ci module for Kabelkiosk, Conax
2 x Smart single LNC TRS, titanium rocket
5 x Edision Maxcam Twin V2 CI-Module
6 x Smart SCAM UNICAM2 with DeltaCrypt decryption
2 x Smart multi switch MSB-58, Blue Line edition
5 x Smart mini switch SUS4
12 x Edision Sat Cable 110dB, 100m
6 x Software version 2.11 for HSCron
1 x Smart Uni cable system DPA58 programmable
2 x Smart multi switch MS 9/8 ES
1 x Smart multi switch MS 5/16 ES
3 x Software version 1.31 for HSCron
2 x Smart multi switch MS 9/16 ES
1 x Dreambox DM7020 HD (DVB-S2 + DVB-C/T)
3 x Dreambox DM 500 HD black
2 x Smart twin mono block TMT6
12 x Edision Sat Cable 98dB, 100m
4 x Cover for SEA3, SEA3-10, white
6 x Smart multi switch MS 5/6 ES
4 x Alphacrypt Light CI module
5 x Indoor Antenna TAT1 DVB-T
3 x Dreambox DM7020 HD (2x DVB-S2)
3 x Smart multi switch MS 9/6 ES
2 x Smart connector F-socket to coax-socket FF19
8 x DVB-T Antenna, passive
3 x Smart F Plug 6 mm
6 x Xoro HRK 8750 CI+ Cable Receiver HDTV HDMI black
4 x HS-Cron Control Unit Bluetooth
1 x Planning Your Receiving Unit
2 x Smart NSV2826 split band amplifier Sat / IF
6 x EDISION multi switch 5/8
6 x EDISION multi switch 9/8
6 x Edision Sat Cable 120dB, 100m
2 x Smart F Plug 4 mm for mini coax
5 x Edision Optimuss OS1 plus DVB-S Twin
3 x Cover for SEA2, white
2 x Smart ALU roofing tile 45 x 40cm, red
4 x Smart multi switch MS 5/12 ES
4 x Edision Apache IP+game controller + 200 games
4 x Easymouse 2 USB
3 x Mobile satellite system without receiver
2 x Smart coax cable set 110dB, 10m, f-plugs included
5 x Edision HDMI TV cable 1.5m
4 x Ballistical Chronograph HSCron with radar sensor HSRad+Bluetooth
1 x Edision Optimuss OS3+
3 x HS-Cron system cord
2 x Smart Unicable LNC TU
5 x Smart multi switch MSB-98, Blue Line edition
1 x Edision Monoblock MTL-6 twin
4 x Edision Maxcam Twin CI-Module
8 x 110cm Dish, steel, gray
3 x HS-Cron Main PCB Assembling Kit
3 x CONAX CI module
9 x Edision Progressiv HDc Nano case in blue
3 x Dreambox DM7020 HD (DVB-S2 + DVB-C/T)
3 x Smart F Plug 5 mm
3 x Edision Multischalter EMP 5/8
3 x XORO HRS 8580 HD Receiver
1 x Smart quick connector, F-type
4 x Axing Sat distributor single
4 x Selfsat flat dish H30-D2
2 x Smart F-type connector FS-V, female-female
1 x Digiquest FTA6500Plus
6 x HS-Cron USB full Assembly Kit
3 x Edision Tyran HD
3 x Smart universal remote control NAVIdirect
4 x Axing Inline Amplifier 14 - 20 dB
3 x Smart head station Evolution II
6 x HSCron Tester, Simulator for Sensor, 3 Velocities
1 x Edision Optimuss OS2 Twin Tuner DVB-S2
7 x Unicam 2.0 CI module
2 x Smart Line conduit socket SEA4 4 out
4 x Smart ALU roofing tile 45 x 40cm, black
1 x Smart multi switch MS 54 AN
4 x Edision 80cm dish, ALU, anthracite
2 x Smart unicable system DPA 21
3 x Axing BC distributor 1in/4out
2 x Smart multi switch MSO-98, Oxid
10 x Edision Single LNC SL-1
6 x Unicam / Maxcam Unicrypt Programmer Set USB to PC
2 x Smart cable connector for flush-mounted jacks
6 x Smart SCAM-CG1 for KD
3 x Microcontroller Chip HS-Cron programmed
9 x Axing BC distributor 1in/2out
3 x Smart twin mono block TMT43
6 x Axing Sat distributor 1in/4out
3 x Smart multi switch MS 17/4 ES
2 x Edision PINGULUX Plus black
2 x Smart quattro switch LNC BCQS, Blue Cap
7 x EDISION DiSEqC - switch 2/1
3 x HS-Cron LCD Display
3 x Cover for SEA4, SEA4-10, white
5 x HS-Cron RS232 Controller Assembly Kit
2 x Edision Combo Tuner for VIP3 DVB-T / DVB-C
2 x Smart twin LNC TRT, Titanium rocket
2 x Dreambox DM7020 HD (DVB-S2 + DVB-C/T)
3 x 
5 x Smart mini switch SUS52
8 x Edision Quattro LNC QL-6
2 x Edision Optimuss OS2 plus
3 x Dreambox DM 800 SE HD black
5 x Smart multi switch MS 9/4 ES
2 x Smart NVS910NT Nine Wire Launch Amplifier
2 x Smart Universal multifeed MFH2-40, for 2 LNC`s
5 x HS-Cron Accu
6 x HS-Cron Sensor Unit Assembly Kit incl. harness
5 x GigaBlue 800 UE
3 x 
3 x GigaBlue 800 SE DVB-S2
1 x Repair fully automated coffee machines II
3 x Edision Progressiv HD compact nano green
3 x Edision Progressiv HD compact nano white
2 x Smart F-type connector FS-S male-male
3 x Smart rubber grommet for f-connectors
1 x Surface box for antenna sockets, white
4 x XORO HRS 8530 black
3 x Xoro HRK 7560 digtital HD cable receiver DVB-C
3 x Smart SCAM IR, SoftCell 3
9 x Redlight Elite HD, 6 months
4 x Smart Sat meter SF90 LED
2 x Smartmeter C10 cable tester
2 x Edision piccollo 3in1 plus CI Sat Hybrid HDTV Receiver
2 x Smart twin LNC BCT, Blue Cap
1 x Edision Progressiv HD compact nano black
7 x HS-Cron Sensor PCB
5 x HSCron USB interface cord
1 x Smart F Plug 7.5 mm
2 x Smart mono block TMS43
5 x Ballistical Chronograph HSCron with radar sensor HSRad+RS232
2 x Smart mono block TMS 6
2 x Smart Twin LNC XT, Oxid Edition, 0.1dB
1 x Smart connector F-Plug to coax-plug FF16
3 x Smart multi switch MS 5/8 ES
2 x Smart multi switch MSO-58, Oxid
1 x Smart Gecco DR1 FTA
2 x Topfield TF6000T
2 x Smart terminator FR75, 75 Ohm, screwable
6 x EDISION DiSEqC - switch 4/1
5 x Edision ARGUS VIP silver
1 x Onys CI module for LCD and plasma TV
2 x Edision ARGUS Miniplus Highspeed black
6 x Mount for RPM Sensor
4 x Mobile satellite system Combo, DVB-S & DVB-T
3 x Edision piccollo 3in1 plus CI Sat Hybrid HDTV Receiver
7 x HS-Cron wiring device for sensor unit
6 x 
4 x Smart Universal multifeed MFH4-40 for 4 LNC`s
1 x HS-Cron system cord 5m
5 x HS-Cron Input PCB
4 x HS-Cron IR diodes ready for use
1 x Edision Progressiv HD compact nano blue
2 x Unicam / Maxcam Unicrypt Programmer Set RS-232
1 x Smart quad switch LNC TQS
3 x Edision PROGRESSIV HD FTA black
3 x Edision Progressiv HDc Nano case in red
1 x Smart Uni Cable Converter DPA51
2 x HSWare adjustment tool for antennas
2 x Digiquest 8600 CI
3 x 60cm Dish, steel, gray, bulk
4 x EDISION multi switch 9/16
1 x Repair fully automated coffee machines I
3 x Smartmeter S1, digital measure tool
2 x Axing Sat distributor 1in/2out
2 x Smart F Plug 7 mm
4 x Smart ALU roofing tile 45 x 40cm, brown
3 x HS-Cron Power Plug
1 x Smart Line conduit socket SEA3 3 out
2 x HS-Cron RS232 full Assembly Kit
3 x HS-Cron USB Controller Assembly Kit
1 x Axing BC distributor 1in/3out
1 x Smartmeter S10 satellite tester
2 x Controller PCB RS232 QC
1 x Edision ARGUS Miniplus 2in1 Highspeed black
2 x Edision LNC monoblock MSL-5, single
3 x Smart Quad Switch LNC XQS, Oxid Edition, 0.1dB
2 x GigaBlue Quad HD
3 x Edision Single LNC Baff
3 x EDISION multi switch 17/16
2 x HS-Cron Sensor Unit R180
3 x 
2 x Ballistical Chronograph HSCron with Sensor R180+USB
2 x Opticum HD TS 9600 Prima - digital HD SAT-Receiver
2 x Smart house connection + CATV amplifier HAV-T30 R
1 x Edision Argus VIP3 DVB-S+DVB-C/DVB-T black
3 x Controller PCB USB QC
1 x Edision 80cm dish, ALU, red
1 x Viaccess CI module Euro version
1 x Smart coax cable set 110dB, 20m, f-plugs included
1 x Smart twin LNC TT
1 x Edision piccollo 3in1 plus CI Sat Hybrid HDTV Receiver
1 x HS-Cron Control USB Unit
2 x Redlight Elite HD, 12 months
1 x Smart multi switch MS 17/8 ES
2 x HS-Cron Sensor PCB Assemly Kit
1 x Edision OPTIMUSS teres HD
2 x Edision Argus VIP3 DVB-C/DVB-T black
1 x Edision Progressiv HD compact nano red
1 x HS-Cron Sensor Unit Assembly Kit
1 x Smart adapter ring 40 to 23mm
1 x Ballistical Chronograph HSCron with Sensor R180+RS232
1 x Edision Tuner for VIP3 DVB-S2
1 x EDISION multi switch 17/8
2 x Edision Progressiv HD compact nano yellow
1 x Quad switch LNB Chess edition
1 x 80cm Dish, ALU, anthracite, bulk
1 x Smart antenna amplifier HAV22
1 x Axing Inline Amplifier 20 dB
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