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Repair Service

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2 x Topfield TF6000T
3 x Edision Argus VIP3 DVB-S+DVB-C/DVB-T black
1 x Smartmeter S1, digital measure tool
3 x Unicam / Maxcam Unicrypt Programmer Set USB to PC
1 x Repair fully automated coffee machines II
1 x EDISION multi switch 5/16
4 x EDISION DiSEqC - switch 2/1
1 x Edision Optimuss OS1 plus DVB-S Twin
1 x Edision Optimuss OS2 plus
1 x Planning Your Receiving Unit
1 x 80cm Dish, ALU, gray, bulk
1 x Smart mini switch SUS44
1 x Smart ALU roofing tile 45 x 40cm, brown
1 x GigaBlue Quad HD
1 x Software version 2.11 for HSCron
1 x Smart NVS910NT Nine Wire Launch Amplifier
1 x HS-Cron Sensor Unit 160
1 x Smart adapter ring 40 to 23mm
2 x EDISION multi switch 17/8
2 x Edision Progressiv HDc Nano case in red
1 x Alphacrypt Light CI module
1 x HS-Cron Sensor Unit Assembly Kit incl. harness
2 x Edision Combo Tuner for VIP3 DVB-T / DVB-C
3 x Edision Unicable LNC 4/1
4 x HS-Cron Control Unit Bluetooth
3 x Edision LNC monoblock MSL-5, single
1 x Smart quad switch LNC TRQS, Titanium rocket
1 x Edision Tuner for VIP3 DVB-S2
1 x Cover for SEA4, SEA4-10, white
3 x Edision HDMI TV cable 1.5m
1 x Smart SCAM-CG1 for KD
1 x Viaccess CI module Euro version
1 x Smart Sat meter SF90 LED
1 x Cover for SEA2, white
1 x 
1 x Controller PCB RS232 QC
1 x Unicam 2.0 CI module
1 x 80cm Dish, ALU, anthracite, bulk
2 x Edision Apache IP+game controller + 200 games
4 x EDISION card reader 4.1
1 x Smart SCAM UNICAM2 with DeltaCrypt decryption
1 x HS-Cron Input PCB
2 x Edision Progressiv HDc Nano case in blue
1 x Unicam / Maxcam Unicrypt Programmer Set RS-232
3 x Edision Quattro LNC QL-6
1 x Edision Multischalter EMP 5/8
1 x HS-Cron system cord
1 x HS-Cron Accu
2 x Edision Apache IP
2 x HS-Cron Sensor Unit R180
1 x Edision Twin LNB
2 x EDISION multi switch 17/16
1 x HS-Cron Main PCB Assembling Kit
3 x Mount for RPM Sensor
1 x Edision Sat Cable 120dB, 100m
3 x EDISION DiSEqC - switch 4/1
1 x Edision Sat Cable per meter
2 x Edision ARGUS VIP black
2 x Edision Maxcam Twin V2 CI-Module
2 x Easymouse 2 USB
1 x Edision ARGUS Miniplus 2in1 Highspeed black
2 x Edision ARGUS Miniplus Highspeed black
2 x Edision 80cm dish, ALU, red
3 x HD+ module incl. smartcard for 12 monthsnths
1 x Smart Quad Switch LNC XQS, Oxid Edition, 0.1dB
1 x Smart Quad MonoBlock TMQ6
2 x EDISION multi switch 9/8
1 x EDISION multi switch 9/16
3 x CONAX CI module
1 x Smart Ci module for Kabelkiosk, Conax
5 x Edision Single LNC SL-1
2 x Ballistical Chronograph HSCron with Sensor R180+RS232
2 x Edision Single LNC Baff
1 x Edision Progressiv HDc Nano case in green
1 x Smart multi switch MS 5/8 ES
1 x Edision Optimuss Underline DVB-S full HD 3 in 1
1 x Edision Progressiv HDc Nano case in yellow
2 x Edision Argus VIP3 DVB-C/DVB-T black
2 x Edision Argus VIP3 DVB-S twin black
1 x 
1 x Edision piccollo 3in1 plus CI Sat Hybrid HDTV Receiver
1 x 
2 x Edision 80cm dish, ALU, grey
1 x Smart multi switch MS 54 AN
1 x Edision Tyran HD
1 x 60cm Dish ALU, anthracite, bulk
1 x Smart mono block TMS43
1 x 80cm Dish, steel, gray, bulk
1 x Redlight Elite HD, 12 months
1 x Controller PCB USB QC
1 x Edision ARGUS Miniplus 2in1 Highspeed black
1 x Edision piccollo 3in1 plus CI Sat Hybrid HDTV Receiver
1 x Onys CI module for LCD and plasma TV
2 x Edision 80cm dish, ALU, anthracite
1 x Smart multi switch MS 17/8 ES
2 x Quad switch LNB Chess edition
1 x GigaBlue 800 UE
1 x HSCron radar sensor HSRad
1 x Edision ARGUS VIP silver
1 x Interface Kit for CASIO Organizer
1 x HSCron Tester, Simulator for Sensor, 3 Velocities
2 x Edision ARGUS VIP silver
1 x HS-Cron RS232 full Assembly Kit
1 x GigaBlue 800 SE DVB-S2
2 x Edision LNC QSL-6, quad switch
1 x Edision Maxcam Twin CI-Module
1 x HS-Cron Sensor PCB
1 x Smart multi switch MS 5/6 ES
1 x Smart mini switch SUS52
1 x Smart quattro LNC TQ
2 x 
1 x HS-Cron photo diodes ready for use
2 x Edision Argus VIP3 DVB-S+DVB-C/DVB-T black
1 x Edision Progressiv HD compact nano blue
2 x Ballistical Chronograph HSCron with Sensor R180+Bluetooth
1 x Redlight Elite HD, 6 months
1 x 
2 x Edision Sat Cable 110dB, 100m
2 x Ballistical Chronograph HSCron with Sensor R180+USB
1 x Smart quad switch LNC TQS
1 x HS-Cron IR diodes ready for use
1 x Edision PROGRESSIV HD FTA black
1 x 
1 x Edision LNC QSL-8, octo
1 x Edision OPTIMUSS teres HD
1 x HS-Cron system cord 5m
1 x Ballistical Chronograph HSCron with radar sensor HSRad+Bluetooth
1 x DVB-T Antenna, passive
1 x HS-Cron Sensor PCB Assemly Kit
1 x 110cm Dish, steel, gray
1 x HS-Cron Control USB Unit
1 x Surface box for antenna sockets, white
1 x Smartmeter C10 cable tester
1 x Edision Progressiv HD compact nano yellow
1 x Mobile satellite system without receiver
1 x Edision Optimuss teres SD DVB-T receiver
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