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3 x DVB-T Antenna, passive
3 x Edision 80cm dish, ALU, grey
3 x Dreambox DM7020 HD (DVB-S2 + DVB-C/T)
2 x SWV21
2 x Edision ALU dish 85cm white
1 x Smart adapter ring 40 to 23mm
2 x Software version 2.11 for HSCron
1 x Ballistical Chronograph HSCron with Sensor R180+RS232
4 x Topfield TF6000T
3 x 60cm Dish ALU, gray, bulk
1 x Software version 1.31 for HSCron
3 x Digiquest 8600 CI
2 x 60cm Dish, steel, gray
1 x HS-Cron system cord
1 x Controller PCB RS232 QC
1 x Ballistical Chronograph HSCron with Sensor R180+USB
2 x Edision 80cm dish, ALU, anthracite
1 x 60cm Dish, steel, gray, bulk
1 x Mount for RPM Sensor
2 x Selfsat flat dish H30-D2
3 x Digiquest FTA6500Plus
1 x Edision HDMI TV cable 1.5m
4 x 80cm Dish, steel, gray, bulk
2 x 80cm Dish, ALU, gray, bulk
2 x Xoro HTC 2440HD 59.9cm/23.5″ LCD-TV
1 x HS-Cron photo diodes ready for use
1 x Opticum HD TS 9600 Prima - digital HD SAT-Receiver
2 x Selfsat flat dish H30-D1
2 x Dreambox DM 800 SE HD black
2 x Digiquest SMD100 DVB-T
2 x 40cm Dish, steel, gray
1 x Ballistical Chronograph HSCron with Sensor R180+Bluetooth
1 x EDISION card reader 4.1
1 x Interface Kit for CASIO Organizer
1 x HS-Cron Sensor PCB
2 x Dreambox DM7020 HD (DVB-S2 + DVB-C/T)
3 x Digiquest 8100CA/BEWARE HK540 Full-HD DVB-S2 receiver incl. WIFI
1 x HS-Cron Input PCB
2 x HDMI TV cable 1.5m
1 x Smart Universal multifeed MFH3-40 for 3 LNC`s
1 x HS-Cron Control USB Unit
1 x HS-Cron Power Plug
1 x Planning Your Receiving Unit
2 x Edision EdiTablet 2
1 x HS-Cron Control Unit Bluetooth
2 x Digiquest/BWARE JB007 HD DVB-S2 Receiver
2 x 110cm Dish, steel, gray
1 x Digiquest DG3600HD DVB-T
1 x Easymouse 2 USB
1 x HS-Cron Sensor Unit 160
1 x Smart Universal multifeed MFH2-40, for 2 LNC`s
2 x 
3 x Ballistical Chronograph HSCron with radar sensor HSRad+USB
1 x Dreambox DM 600s schwarz
1 x HS-Cron Sensor Unit R180
1 x Smart universal remote control NAVIdirect
2 x Indoor Antenna TAT1 DVB-T
1 x Ballistical Chronograph HSCron with radar sensor HSRad+Bluetooth
1 x 60cm Dish ALU, anthracite, bulk
1 x HS-Cron LCD Display
1 x HS-Cron wiring device for sensor unit
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